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Resource Use Analysis Presentation: Part II of II
Resource Use Analysis Presentation: Part II of II
Do you see opportunities to realign resources to our instructional priorities based on this data?

This set of materials is the second and final set of materials analyzing how Lake County Schools allocates its resources. The following topics are analyzed in these materials:

• Equity by student type: How do funding levels vary by student type?
• Equity across schools: How do funding levels vary for schools teaching the same grade levels?
• School size: How large (in terms of number of students) are Lake County schools relative to other districts?
• School level: How do funding levels compare between elementary, middle and high schools?
• Class size: How large are our class sizes? How does class size vary by school, student type, and subject?
• Class hours: On average, how much time is devoted to each subject area?
• Student proficiency: How do class size and time spent in class vary by student proficiency level?
• Teacher Load: How many students are teachers responsible for on average?

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Resource Use Analysis Part II of II

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